Walk in Showers

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Walk in Showers

A walk in shower may mean something different to different people. Some think of a walk in shower as a unit that stands alone, some think it just means easy entry so it may have no door, curb or the curb is very low. There are advantages to getting a walk in shower for people of any ability or age though.

Nowadays people are living a lot longer than they used to but need something that is easy to get into. More seniors are looking for alternatives in the bathroom so that they can maintain their independence while still being safe. Traditional bathroom sets do not provide that in most houses today. With new developments in the design and style of bathrooms it is not just seniors able to maintain their independence. Those with physical disabilities are also looking for options and the walk in shower answers a lot of those issues.

For everyone bathrooms can be a dangerous place. You have usually a hard surface and things can get slippery when wet. Lots of accidents happen in there. Often the instinct is to reach out for a towel rail but usually these are not sturdy enough to be grabbed and to support such weight. If you do not have handrails or gripping surfaces in there it is a good idea to consider adding them in along with your walk in shower. They can drastically help lower the chances of someone having a fall.

While a traditional bathroom with the standard fixtures may start at as meeting your needs they do not continue to as life happens. Today there are more options, more manufacturers offer Universal Design options that focus on being suitable for a lifetime. You can also get a lot of styles and designs that mean you can have the look you want while still being as safe as possible. If you need some designs for your home, check out fuzz-ieee2011.org for walk in shower design ideas that will surely make your bathroom stands out.

4 advantages to getting a walk in shower

  1. They are easier to use – Even for you this is true but for someone who is older, less-abled or even for younger children a walk in shower is easier to use than a traditional one. It is easier to get and out, once inside there is more space so it is easier to move around as you shower. You have the option of putting in a seat so you can sit if needed plus there are hand rails you can hold onto when needed. This is a fun place for kids to shower in and you can fit in more than one!
  2. They are easier to clean – Walk in showers are a lot easier to maintain and keep clean. There is not chance of limescale building up and because of their open nature that air dry so there is no mold or mildew from damp. All they need is an occasional wipe down for the glass walls and that is it.
  3. Easier to install – The walk in shower is easier to install and can be put into any bathroom. All you need is a corner or recessed area for it. If you are someone you know is a DIY type of person this is something you could handle yourself using the instructions that come with pre-assembled walk in shower units.
  4. Easier to add value to your home – Anything like a walk in shower that combines luxury with convenience is going to add value to your home. Walk in showers with glass walls look modern and help make a bathroom look more stylish and up to date. They can also help to make a bathroom feel bigger. Often when buyers are looking at a home they consider the bathrooms and the kitchens.

Looking at curbless walk in showers

The curbless walk in shower is a fairly recent design where the shower either has a very low threshold or curb, or none at all. This means it is easy to walk in to without the risk of tripping, or roll into if you or someone in the home is a wheelchair user. Proline Drain can create custom designed curbless shower with a linear designed drain system. You can also have a seat in them, bars to hold onto for support and as well as an over head shower fixture, a hand held option too. While it is true the walk in shower does not offer opportunities for soaking as you can when you have a bathtub if there is room you could always have a second fixture and have something like a whirlpool bath that can offer you therapeutic properties.

Curbless walk in shower

Installing a walk in shower

As mentioned this is something someone with DIY experience and knowledge could install but there are some regulations you need to be aware of. In single family homes, apart from a small number of exceptions, the bathrooms do not have to come up to the design requirements of the ADA. In multifamily homes where a certain number of fully accessible units are required if curbless walk in showers are being installed they do need to meet those design requirements.

The ADA standards for accessible design and the NC State accessibility code prohibit curbless or roll in showers from having thresholds. This means finding a way to contain the water so it does not splash outside the shower or drip into the subfloor can be challenging in terms of design. With the water containment issues you need to be aware before you install in case it affects you. With a few details you can have the walk in shower meet building codes, with no leaks and give you a shower of convenience and style.



Building Your Own Bunk Bed

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Building Your Own Bunk Bed

If you are considering building a bunk bed, either for yourself, a family member or a friend, you may be hesitating wondering if the project is one too large for you. The last thing you want is bunk beds collapsing on top of users and the injuries that could cause.

DIY bunk bed

This is not an overactive imagination in action here, it is actually true that a lot of bunk beds are not as safe as they could be, and that includes ones bought from so called expert manufacturers. Over thirty six thousand people each year have bunk bed related accidents and injuries, most of which could have been stopped if some simple extra safety measures were taken when the bed was assembled. So if you are building bunk beds here are some tips on getting started and on how to make them safe.

Who is it for?

Make sure you are building them strong enough for who is using them. If only children are using them then the weight it needs to support can be less. But if adults might be using them too, perhaps getting in with the kids to read stories for example, then the support needs to be a lot stronger. Often people say the bunk bed is for children but then adults get in it anyway. If you are looking to build a murphy bed instead, check out this guide by Afcac on how to build a murphy bed with IKEA cabinets.

Safety concerns

As well as thinking about support there are other safety issues to be aware of and prepare for. Younger children will need a good set of strong guard rails in place, and they should be higher to prevent them from accidentally rolling out of bed. You also need to make sure how they get to the upper bunk is stable and secure, if it is a ladder it should not slide around, if it is stairs some non-slip strips so that they do not slip off them might be a good idea. Consider putting in a rail for them to hold onto as they go up and down depending on their age.


A few factors will affect how big you make your bunk bed. Building bunk beds means careful measurements of the space you have available and then thinking about who is using it. It used to be the traditional single over a single was the standard sizes but today you can get all kinds of mix ups. A lower double with an upper single, a triple single, a double and a double and so on.

Materials for building bunk beds

When building bunk beds yourself the usually material is wood but there are several kinds of woods you can use for a project like this depending on your budget, the look you want and how durable you want them to be. For example something like oak or cherry is very good as it is long lasting, but there are cheaper woods that can be used.

Building Bunk beds plans

A good idea is to get a solid set of plans before you do anything. When you start with a good set of bunk bed plans you can ensure you get the right equipment, materials, measurements and that the end result will be safe, comfortable and meet your expectations in terms of looks. Look for plans that set out the stages very clearly, have good detail to them and if you need it have pictures step by step so you can see how your project should be progressing.

Roof Maintenance Tips

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There is no argument; a decent roof over your head is a vital part of your house. It protects you and your home from the elements and from damage, it keeps you warm in the winter, helps keep you cool in the summer and makes sure you and your family is healthy and happy. A decent roof also adds value to the property even when it is not new, as long as it has been well maintained. Most warranties will cover a roof for up to 15 years, but keeping your roof in top condition can help it last past that point.

Here are some pointers on roof maintenance

Watch for overhanging tree branches

If you have trees growing close to the house keep an eye on the branches that hang over the roof. They should be trimmed back or removed to avoid the branches possible snapping in strong winds and falling onto the roof and doing damage. Leaves falling and pine needles falling can also create opportunities for rot which would allow further water damage.

Roof inspecting

Twice a year you should inspect your roof to check for any damage or repairs that might need doing and to clear debris. This inspection should be done outside and outside. You should also do an inspection after especially extreme weather conditions like bad storms when flying debris could have caused damage or gouges to the roof. You could use binoculars and do it from the ground, but it is also a good idea to use a ladder and take a closer look in person if possible. If you see anything wrong with your roof, it’s always advisable to get professional roofers to fix your roof for you. Find qualified roofers at eHomeDirectory.

Keep mildew and mold away

If you are seeing black spots on your roof this is an indication of mildew and mold problems. Mold can lead to damage not just to the roofing tile itself but also to the roofing material beneath it. A way to prevent this problem when you are putting in a new roof is to place zinc strips at the peak. Each time it rains zinc will wash off the strips and this will help to stop mildew and mold growing. Older roofs that show signs of mold can be cleaned with a mold remover made specifically for roofs, then you could attach the zinc strips after.

Remove the debris from your roof

At a minimum twice a year, perhaps at the same time as your 6 monthly inspections, you need to clean debris from your roof. Debris might include things like leaves, dirt, pine needles, small twigs and so on. Leaving debris on your roof for too long can lead to conditions that encourage mold and mildew to grow, and they can also cause damage. A cleared roof also looks a lot better!

Remove the snow from your roof

If you live where there is heavy snow it can start to pile up on your roof. Hopefully you have great insulation so it is not getting in at all but snow can still cause damage from all that weight. Also during winter conditions there can be a lot of thawing and freezing going on which leads to lots of ice which can get under roof tiles and cause damage, and lead to water damage when Spring finally arrives. If your roof seems to be sagging under the weight of snow you need to get it cleared off.

Unclog gutters and maintain them

Every year people pay out thousands of dollars in repairs for damage caused by clogged gutters. When the gutters got blocked the water that is meant to drain down them can back up under the roof and cause damage. If you maintain your gutters, clearing them regularly they will do the job they were meant to do, which is keeping rain water from damaging your roof.

Check the mortar around the chimney

Every so often it is also important to check the mortar around your chimney. If there is mortar missing or there are cracks replace it so that the bricks of the chimney remain held in place and do not fall and cause damage to the roof. It also means you avoid the potential serious issue of losing your chimney and therefore your fireplace and source of heat in the middle of winter when you need it.

Check your roof sealant

Where roof sealant has been used needs to be monitored for cracks, missing pieces and wear and tear. If you see any clear away the old sealant and replace it to avoid moisture getting in.

Replace damaged tiles and shingles

Often home owners mistakenly think that one tile missing or damaged shingle is not a big problem and can be ignored for a while. However this is not the case at all. As soon as you notice damage or any missing tiles, even just one, you should have this repaired. Even small damage like corners torn can lead to larger problems. A good idea is to have extra shingles and tiles around, learn how to do the quick repair and do it as soon as it is seen.

Have your roof inspected by a professional

Even if you take all the previous advice about caring for your roof, you should still have a professional inspection about once a year or once every two years particularly if your roof is older than a decade. Someone who knows what they are doing can spot smaller signs of damage, and see potential problems before they happen and fix them. In the long run it will cost less to hire a professional to inspect and carry out small repairs than it will to do major repairs because you have not been carrying out good roof maintenance.

These pointers on roof maintenance can ensure your roof stays in the best possible condition for many years. Sometimes you can even get between two to 5 years extra life from it before it needs replacing again. If you are not in a position to carry out what are quite physical tasks hire someone who can do it for you. Taking care of your roof is worth investing in and if you want to understand more about the different types of roof, check out this page.

Minnesota Siding Contractors

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Minnesota is a state that has a lot of different weather conditions each season which is a lot to do with the 10,000 lakes. The main cities are the two twin cities of Minnesota, Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Here there is industry, arts, business, transportation. Politics is progressive, civic involvement is important, it is famous for its social policies, well educated residents and health drives. Residents face blizzards, rains, heavy winds, hail and thunderstorms so things like building a home and roofing are taken very seriously.

Finding Siding Contractors in Minnesota

Minnesota buildings and homes have to be constructed using materials that are strong and durable so that they are capable of handling the difficult and rough weather conditions there. Things like vinyl, wood or aluminum siding, common materials used in homes will get a lot of wear and tear over several seasons in Minnesota. When they are so worn or damaged that they need to be repaired or replaced a siding contractor is hired for the job.

Local siding contractors in Minnesota can be hired by homeowners to improve not just the practical protection for their home but also to make it look better and add value to it. Just by replacing old siding or covering it with new siding you can get a whole new look for your home, and make it appear to be a lot newer than it is. Just as inside when things are looking worn or you want a change you give it a coat of paint and your house feels full of life again, so new siding can do this for the exterior of your home.

Finding a qualified and trustworthy siding contractor in Minnesota is not always easy but it is worth putting in some time and effort to get one that does the work you want and need. There are a number of ways to look for a good contractor. The internet is the most popular nowadays, there are several websites that can offer you advice on how to find a good contractor there. One great site is the eHomeDirectory. eHomeDirectory.com is a site to look for siding contractors, there is a lot of information there and it is easy to get free quotes for the work you are looking for online. Another option is to use Yellow pages and look at the listings for siding contractors and contact the ones that you are interested in.

Another option is to talk to your friends, family and neighbors. Ask them if they have had any work done on their siding and whether they would recommend the siding contractor they ended up using. Sometimes they may even be able to offer alternative suggestions too which may end up better suiting your needs. Hopefully one of these methods will help you find a contractor you are happy with. There are plenty of experiences and skilled siding contractors in Minnesota that can do a great job on your house for a fair price.


Various Types Of Closet Organizer Systems

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Closet Organizer Systems

Closet organizer systems are of different types. The main challenge is to find the bed one from all these types as per your requirement. There are different types of closet organizer systems for a specific kind of clothes. Their classification may simply depend on the type of design they use in order to sort the clothes.

Use of compartments in order to organize things is the most common type of closet organizer systems. In every local home improvement store you can easily find this type of organizer. The best thing about compartment-based organizers is that remodeling of your closet can be done even without reconstruction. All you need is to place them in any open area in the closet and use them. By putting together compartments of different sizes the available space can be used efficiently. It is a good idea to mix big and small organizers together keeping in mind the types of clothes that you want to put in them.

In one type of closet organizer systems the closet shelves are used for which you need to install it anywhere inside the closet. You can keep all those items that you use quite often in this type. As your things are out in the open so you can access to your things easily. You can even place one next to a murphy bed to make it look much more interesting. These types of organizers come in number of different sizes that can be mixed together as per your own preferences. Installing them to your closet is the only issue that you may face. Its installation will require you to pay extra amount if you want to get it installed by a professional.

You can store your smaller articles of clothing in a box-like kind of closet organizer systems. In this way the chance of losing or misplacing them can be diminished. If you label these containers then you can easily find your things. First, fold them then place them tidily inside the box and cover it. This is the best way to prevent your things from mixing together.

These box type containers come with covers so that your little things remain protected from any external or internal unwanted element. All you need is to fold them properly in order to store as many as you want.

The closet organizer systems are offered by various brands. Every brand comes in different quality and price range. Choose the one that holds a good reputation in order to use it for maximum number of years. If you opt for popular brands then you may need to pay more but you can enjoy its benefits for more years.

By finding the right and best closet organizers you can increase the amount of clothes that you can keep in the closet. At first you need to assess your needs and then purchase the organizer accordingly. All you have to keep in mind is the point that shirts are stored differently from pants, ties differently from shoes. If you want to increase the life and quality of your things then store them properly.


Home Improvement Ideas For Your Kitchen

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Kitchen Interior Design

At a certain point, homeowner feels like making over the look of their kitchen or remodeling it. As the cooking space offers aromas of delicious food as well as warmth so its design should be creative, stylish and functional. It is considered as the heart of any home as the whole family spends valuable time there, with relatives and friends. Never ignore this part of the home and make it as beautiful as you can with suitable accessories. These days several smart and modern designs are offered at affordable price range.

With redesigning you can turn a traditional kitchen to a stylish and modern one. The budget and your lifestyle are two main factors on which designing and method to renovate actually depends. These days number of contractors are available that offers wide variety of modern kitchen designs at affordable budget to choose from. It includes many things like windows, door, cabinets, floor, walls, taps and sinks, countertops, lighting, dining and many other appliances. Only few ideas need to be implemented for remodeling and it’s not costly. Some of these ideas include sink type, wall color, floor pattern, countertop size and design as well as many other things.

At first, consider your budget when you start with remodeling, and choosing the design would be the next step. These days trend of triangular kitchen is becoming common as reaching to stove, fridge and sink is easy. If the shape of your kitchen is not triangular then install cabinets that give you desired shape. The right countertop color also make a lot of difference. As a result you can give a completely new and different look to your kitchen as well as convenient. Another option is to choose right type of appliances that you will be using every day. For adding economic value choose energy efficient appliances.

Use attractive colors to paint cooking place and also use paintings. The floor should be dark while combination of dark and light shades in your kitchen. As per your interest and lifestyle you can hang on some beautiful paintings on the walls of your kitchen.  The best thing about redesigning is that it does not require lot of money to carry out.

When you decide to remodel your kitchen keep in mind that planning plays a significant role. If you don’t select any design and prepare budget, you cannot move ahead. Once you finalized your budget and design, the next step is to look for complete information about your chosen design look for a reliable service provider. Internet and friends are good sources to find redesigning ideas for cooking place. In this way you can find the right contractor offering durable quality as well as highly reliable. Taking professional advice from interior designer is best for creating stylish as well as eye catching kitchen. Discuss your budget and requirement so that they can give suitable suggestion and ideas. If you cannot spend much time, finding for service provider then check out online service providers.


Interior Design Ideas for Apartments

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Every home is a heaven no matter whether it’s a big house or a small and everyone wants to decorate in such a way that it looks stylish. But are there are any ways that can make a small apartment look bigger. Fortunately, there are different techniques that can be deployed in order to make decorating a small apartment in a successful manner!

When it comes to interior designs for employing in cozy spaces the options are wide.  In order to take full advantage of these designs you need to be smart. A cluttered apartment can look smaller therefore it is best to avoid such interior decorating designs in which there are a lot of accessories.

Even color palette also plays important character for making your apartment look bigger. If you want to stick to white to meet the challenge of space then we have something great for you. Any space can look bigger and spacious with the use of color so paint it with colors with similar brightness else you can stick to monochromatic palette. A cocoa decorating theme can be opted too or if you want to add more colors then choose purple, green and blue as it will have the same intensity and tone. You can paint an opposing wall with an intense, deep hue this will add ambiance to your room. Any shade that makes your room feel bigger chooses it to paint on the walls. Some examples of such shades include blue gray or grayish paints. Same illusion can be created with any other cool color like blue or green.

Using your apartment space in an effective manner is the best thing that you can do while designing your room. Such schemes must be utilized for decoration in which use of many baskets and shelves involved for additional storage. Select your decorating approach according to your lifestyle.

Always select smaller items and use your furniture sparingly. No shelving is not a good idea, for a bigger look of your room and additional storage opt for floor to ceiling shelves extra storage. For adding unique appeal to your apartment you can combine preferred larger scaled stuff, so you can also go for the small settee, a large potted plant may also be included- this will create freshness in environment as well as the room will look bigger.

When you decorate a small apartment then think about the placement of accessories and furniture in the room. Keep Feng Shui tips in your mind for enhancing the look of your apartment. Furniture must not be kept near the door as it gives easy access into a room and it also look bigger. Moreover, focus your eye on the bigger pieces such as a console or an overstuffed chair so that your room looks bigger.

With little effort you can incorporate these ideas in your small apartment. Be unique and creative in order to make your small apartment bigger.

Home Interior Design Tips For Everyone

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The look of our home actually reflects about the homeowner i.e. his personality, so our home interior is an important aspect that shows how we are living our lives. Our lives have becomes fast in terms of our eating habit, fashion as well as the way we decorate our homes. We usually don’t think about the facts associated with any piece of furniture and our moods, creativity as well as energy levels. We must now start taking a serious look at our home interiors and ourselves.

By following are some simple ways and by focusing on some important aspects it is possible to we can spruce up life of our home as well as our home interior design:

  • Harmony – It is must to have a strong sense of harmony in all rooms of our home.
  • Focus Points – There are some points in every home and rooms that have a center focus point are the ones that actually draws the attention flows better. Some good suggestions include an architectural wall piece, art displays, or even figurines.
  • Balance – This can be done successfully by balancing the visual weight of the room and then delicately spread it to the other areas of the room.
  • Color – Try to make use of positive colors so that energies can be shifted around and make a huge difference. For a dramatic effect you can add couple of candles.
  • Proportion and Scale – The best thing is to use pieces of furniture and items that actually complement the overall size of the room, it must not throw it out of scale or proportion.
  • Rhythm – Through movement and by arranging your room you can easily create the illusion of visual stimulation this can be done in a manner that the eye of the viewer keeps moving around from one point to another. Do not confuse it with scattering everything here and there.

Most people think that they know a lot about home interior decor and design but actually this subject is very sensitive. In most cases the result is opposite to what people expected as they think that they know about it. All those decorative items that you already have such as candles and figurines can be re-utilized and placed on corners and shelves to create a dramatic effect which looks impressive. Do not forget to improve the lighting in the parts that are usually ignored because of nay obstruction.

By using the lighting correctly in home can actually transform any old living room or study into a stimulating and vibrant room, you have to try and see. You can only know by experimenting and trying it.

You can also try mimicking the popular styles for which you can opt for alternative ideas related to home interiors inspiration. There are many popular home interior designs that include; Traditional, Modern Asian, Gothic, Mediterranean, Arty interior and Tropical interior designs.

The styles that we have mentioned here will entirely transform the interior of your home and you will find several new ways for re-inventing your home and give it a new life.

Modern Interior Design For Your living Room

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When you enter in any new living room, the chances are that one of two emotions you might experience. If things re in order and coordinate well with each other then you may feel comfortable otherwise random placement may cause a feeling of nausea. In order to create a great design its not enough to visit a décor store for couple of times and choose items that you like. Actually it requires a lot of planning in order to create an attractive yet sophisticated home decor. Even when you plan to paint a picture you always visualize it first and same is the case with home decor. Get an idea about the look of your room then start collecting pictures of the styles that you wish to use, and measure the size of the room and the piece of furniture that you wish to include. It would be a big mistake if you buy anything that doesn’t match with the living room. These days many online and offline stores provide furniture’s dimensions that they sell, so you can take its advantage and draw a rough sketch keeping your room in mind. You must always have a measuring tape whenever you go to any home décor store and do not forget to print the drawings when you make any purchase online. By spending few minutes here you can save time that you will spend in re-arrangement later on.

Modern Interior Design

Most people have an issue that they focus only on one color or texture that is missing in their rooms. There is no harm in switching up textures and colors within a single room or between rooms. You can create a great eye-catching design with the use of different textures furniture and fabric in one single room.

When it comes to interior design the space utilization is considered as the vital and most basic principles. It is not necessary that every home have a space for coffee table to be placed in front of a huge entertainment center. One of the powerful tools that interior designers possess is that they can create illusion of space. By simply pulling a couch off of a wall one can make the room look more spacious. If you want to create the look of extra space in a room you can paint the ceiling with a color like mint or blue any other “cold” color. You can also do this by selecting furniture having bold vertical lines.

In short, you can create a great interior design with proper plan instead of making impulsive purchase. Don’t go after things that look cute or the ones that are on sale. Firstly, visualize what you want to achieve and then start your research. You can take steal ideas from various resources like the world of web, the magazines and home decor stores.